How the emdc-362472-18b-2s-5295 meets various storage needs

How the emdc-362472-18b-2s-5295 meets various storage needs

In a typical industrial setting, there will definitely be multiple storage needs to be fulfilled. Depending on the nature of the work that goes on in the workshop, most of the time the managers will procure different cabinets for different uses. One of the all-round storage cabinets in the market, though is the emdc-362472-18b-2s-5295. Here are some of the storage tasks it can safely fulfil.

Heavy tools

Storage cabinets come in various shapes and sizes. The best in the market are both stylish and elegant as well as durable and strong. The emdc-362472-18b-2s-5295 checks all these boxes. The best option for storing heavy tools are the stainless steel storage cabinets. This industrial storage cabinet is made of heavy duty 14 gauge steel which is all welded. It also comes with the full height welded piano hinges that add to the strength and rigidity of the doors. With up to 18 bins inside, it will be more than enough to serve a small workshop.


Office and paperwork is essential to the smooth running and organization of a workshop. In an industrial setting, the paper work needs not only to be kept safe from damage but also from access by unauthorized parties. The emdc-362472-18b-2s-5295 is ideal for paperwork and filing. First, the multiple cabinets offers the opportunity to sort out problematic paperwork in easy to access portions. Secondly, it is one of the most secure storage cabinets in the market. It boasts a 3 point locking system and doors with increased strength and rigidity. It also has a chrome keyed handle that has 5/16 inch diameter lock rods.

Dangerous/flammable items

As opposed to the open plan racks, the emdc-362472-18b-2s-5295 can be ideal for storing restricted access items. Storing such items requires careful demarcation and labelling, something that this storage cabinet is in a unique position to offer. With the punched diamond pattern on the doors to improve visibility, proper labelling will be easy to see to avoid cases of accidents and wrongful exposure.

This is truly one of the most impressive storage cabinets, with proper ventilation, lockable bin and shelf cabinets and up to 18 hook on bins. It also has two adjustable shelves in case one wants to change the interior orientation.

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