Top 3 Simple tips for inventory management

Top 3 Simple tips for inventory management

Warehouse management is more than just the practice of arranging inventory so it can quickly be found. There is more to it than using those brilliant 132-95-exl-h/dv labels on your shelves. Good management is more than just putting everything in its place; you have to maximize your productivity while saving yourself time and money. Here are some helpful tips on the management of warehouse inventory.

Constant improvement

Good warehouse management calls for the realization that there will almost always be space for improvement. Just because everything looks organized does not necessarily mean that it meets the optimum standards. Check whether the stock is in places where the staff can easily access it. Are the fastest moving products located between the waist and shoulder such that they can quickly be retrieved? Think about such things as designated areas for damaged items of clutter, and ensure these are looked into daily. The best warehouse manages the smallest things well. Without effort towards regular upkeep, it is easy for the warehouse to become disorganized and difficult to navigate.

The best sellers

Good inventory management calls for one to know which of their products are high sellers. The highest volume sellers should ideally be kept as close as possible to the shipping areas and should be easily accessible. This arrangement eliminates a lot of unnecessary labor and puts you in good books with the employees. However, be careful to only do this with your top proven sellers to avoid situations where you have to physically reallocate inventory. There many tools in the market that can help you gather data on your top proven sellers, notice patterns and make informed decisions.


Have you ever been in a situation where you see people walking around the warehouse and start wondering who they are or what their responsibilities are? Reducing such traffic is key to improved inventory management. Reduce the chances of people walking in places they should not be by having employees wear special, unique identifiers. T-shirts of uniforms will make it easy to identify unauthorized personnel or access.

Inventory management calls for clever thought and doing the simple things well.

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